Friday, July 28, 2017

Concealed Carry Is A Right...

- Donald Trump Quotes

Concealed Carry Saves Lives..

Chill Cop Keeps His Cool While Dealing With A Leftist Looney Loudmouth


Fusion GPS, the company that paid to create a dossier on Donald Trump, was acting on behalf of Russia to abolish the Magnitsky Act. The dossier was compiled by a former British spy working for Fusion GPS and consisted primarily of gossip from Russian oligarchs. It ended up in the hands of the FBI thanks to never Trumper John McCain.

In other words, at the same time they were receiving money indirectly from a senior Russian government official they were paying to put the dossier together. They are smear merchants who worked as Russian agents.

Given Russia’s clear desire to abolish The Magnitsky Act and Hillary’s declared opposition to Magnitsky, it seems Russia and Hillary were on the same page. In fact, Hillary has a history of giving Russia what they want, including a uranium mine, U.S. technology, and abandonment of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

Ian Schwartz wrote this in realclearpolitics yesterday: At a Senate Judiciary Hearing today, William Browder, Hermitage Capital Management chief, testified the firm Fusion GPS was acting on behalf of Russia with their debunked dossier against ...

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Morning Mistress

West Wing Reads

The Time has come for Republicans to Repeal and Replace

Larry Elder in Real Clear Politics acknowledges Republicans have a tough path forward in repealing and replacing Obamacare, but he also reminds us of the Democrats’ ultimate goal: a single-payer system. During the 2008 presidential campaign, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s healthcare proposals: “I think while someday we may end up with a single-payer system, it's clear that we're not going to do it all at once, so I think both candidates' health care plans are a big step forward." As Mr. Elder points out: “In other words, Obamacare was just a steppingstone along the path,” noting it “was intended to fail.” It’s now up to Republicans to chart a new course.
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In The Washington Post, health care expert Avik Roy writes that the beginning of debate on Obamacare repeal in the Senate “is a critical milestone in the effort to make American health care more sustainable and affordable.”
CNBC reports on Wednesday’s announcement at the White House that Foxconn “will invest $10 billion to create a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Wisconsin,” creating 3,000 jobs that could eventually grow to 13,000 jobs.
Greg Ip at The Wall Street Journal writes on the insidious “myth of Trump’s do-nothing presidency.” As Ip notes, “(t)o gauge a president’s impact you have to go beyond the laws he signs to the vast authority he wields through departments and agencies that apply the law. On that score, Mr. Trump is on track to do a lot.” According to Sofie Miller of George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center, “(t)he latest update on regulatory actions released last week by the White House Office of Management and Budget contained 1,731 preliminary, proposed or final rules, down 40% from its peak under Mr. Obama in 2011 and a 17-year low.”
In USA Today, Joseph Murray argues President Trump’s military transgender ban helps protect military readiness – that with “North Korea, Syria and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria posing serious threats, the U.S. military needs to be focused on defeating these enemies and not locker rooms, restrooms and re-assignment surgeries.”
Emily Jashinsky in the Washington Examiner looks at a Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families poll, which reported more than three-to-one service members were against an Obama-era policy to allow transgender individuals from serving openly in the military, with 41 percent saying it hurt military readiness, and only 12 percent saying it helped.

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We Now Have Evidence The Russian Hacking Narrative Was Physically Impossible